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Hurley Care

During this time of year, even the most casual hurler dusts off their hurley and goes outside for a few pucks! With the weather picking up this week we said there was no better time to talk to you about looking after your hurley and give you some advice on what you can do to help reduce and prevent cracks and splits.

While a lot of hurleys break in the clash of the ash, there are often times that a hurley can crack when it is left in a place that does not suit the hurley -a car is one such place!

Ash is a natural substance and if the conditions around it are constantly changing -going from hot to cold, wet to dry - it will cause the ash to expand and contract, this can cause cracking or splitting in the hurley.

We recommend that you do not leave your hurley in heat for prolonged periods of time.

For example, if you are out pucking with your friend and decide to take a break, put your hurley somewhere in the shade. Try not to leave it sitting in the sunlight for too long.

Putting your hurley in a bucket of water will also have a negative effect on the hurley (the same can be said for leaving it in damp grass). This will cause the hurley to soak up the moisture and expand. The moisture will evaporate over time and cause the hurley to contract which can cause cracks or splits.

See below a table of places to store and to avoid storing your hurley.

Places to store your hurley:

A cool, dry, shaded place in the house

Under the stairs


Places to avoid storing your hurley:

Beside a radiator

Hot Press

Outside on the grass

A damp shed

In a car

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