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Analyse to improve your teams performance

Premier Sports Performance

We are a sports performance and analysis company based in Tipperary and servicing all surrounding areas. Our aim is to allow sports teams to experience elite level analysis without having to buy expensive equipment, or without having to increase the workload of already busy management teams.

Pictured above is the Holy Cross Senior hurlers during their session. (Photo taken before Covid-19 restrictions)

We specialise in GPS tracking and offer teams the chance to gain an in-depth insight into the metrics of their performance. The use of GPS analysis is currently underutilised in most sports teams. Managers and S&C coaches are already incredibly busy and do not have the time to sit down after a session and spend four to five hours generating a report. This then means that oftentimes players and teams are not getting the level of insight required from their performances to allow them to improve. We analyse performances in great depth and compile the trends of a team throughout a game or training.

GPS Tracking allows you to measure:

Work rate




Performance Load

Running Zones

GPS Movement Mapping

For more information contact 0863573692 or check out Premier Sports Performance on all social media channels.

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