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Tipperary Style
  • Tipperary Style

    Our latest style comes from our own county - Tipperary. This premier hurley is inspired by the heros that are inspiring a generation and is made with the finest Irish ash. Your hurley can be made to your own personal requirements.


    All our senior hurleys are made by hand using locally sourced Irish ash. A hurley is often seen as an extension of an arm so it is important that it is custom made to suit each hurler. We strive to ensure that each hurley is made exactly the way each customer wants.

    Tell us below what weight you would like your hurley and how many bands you would like.

    * Please note there is a charge of €5 per band.


    • Hurley Care

      To look after your hurley in the best possible way keep it away from hot areas, especially the boot of the car for long periods. Hot areas dry out the timber and will encourage it to crack.

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